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I do not know about you, but for my part I have a morning routine which is composed of 10 important steps that I will share today with you, hoping that it will benefit you.


To begin I get up early, around 4am to 5am every day. This allows me to have more time to perform all the rituals I am about to share with you. If I started my day a little later around 10am for example, I'm sure I would not have enough time to take my time to do all those things that prepare me for the rest of the day.


One of the first things I do when I wake up is to thank God (Allah) for waking me up and being healthy. A gratitude that I manifest out loud by saying "Al hamdulilah" which means "Thank God" because it is a true blessing, a privilege, to be able to wake up, a chance to live and take advantage of the opportunities that Allah gives us.



I continue by highlighting my intention for the day by saying or writing what I will do during my day, what I will accomplish not only for myself but also for the others. I recommend you do the same things, declare your intentions for your day, the main and important things you want to accomplish.


The reason I do this is to wake my body up. I find this very important because nowadays we are so busy, we run everywhere, our days are so busy, we get up from our bed, take a shower, we get ready really quickly and we go to work , University, school etc. This is not good, nor even healthy because our body is not fully awakened.

This is also why many people abuse caffeine or energy drinks like red bull.

This is why it is important, instead of using external sources to wake up, to activate and wake up our body by waking it up physically, simply using our internal sources.

Don't forget to drink a lot of water.

I do this for 20 Minutes to wake up but also feel good in my body.


After the sport I do the first part of my preparation by taking a shower, doing my ablutions and finishing it with my morning face routine that you have already discovered in one of my previous articles.

It is important to take time to prepare ourself to confront this long day ahead. Being clean in ourself, feel good in our clothes, preparing ourselves as if we were going to be one of the defining encounters of our life today.

Take the time to feel good about yourself and be proud of what you see in the mirror.

The make-up (if I do) is done just after my breakfast and before the last step.


Again in the very important context of being able to connect with myself.

It is important to have this moment of tranquility and silence in which we can communicate with God and ourselves to get/be ready spiritually for what this day will bring us, on a sound basis.


I read about a chapter every morning. It is important to read a positive book. No one wants to start his day with a negative book, drama etc. It is therefore best to start your day by reading a positive book that will create positivity from the beginning of your day.


I try in the morning to have a full breakfast and eat as much fruit as possible.

As I already shared with you in a previous article (available here) it is easy and quick to prepare a full and energizing breakfast to face the day that is waiting for us.

The same goes for the fruit that I appreciate very much in the sense that it refreshes and wakes me up (because they also contain a lot of water).

I eat both whole fruit but also smoothies and juices. This is a simple and quick way to eat as much fruit and /or vegetable for maximum energy and staying healthy (my recipes are available here).


To finish and before leaving my house, one of my rituals is to check what I have to do during the day, which I will continue to do throughout the day.

I check what I have to do every half hour (answer back to emails, write article, do research, make phone calls, organize my appointments etc.).

This allows me to organize my day and make the most of it and make all my time organized and therefore productive.

I do this planning the night before for the next day. I will not dwell on the subject because it is one of my night rituals that I will share with you in a forthcoming article on my night rituals in sha Allah (God willing).

I think it's very important to prepare the next day the day before. This makes it possible for me to lie down with my mind rested and free from all thoughts. My mind will not be busy with questions such as "I must not forget to do that and that!" "I have to contact this person" and so on.

If before we go to bed we take the time to write down everything that will happen and plan our day we no longer need to spend hours in our bed asking ourselves what to do and not forget for the next day.

Finally do not forget to say "Bismillah" before you start anything and in sha Allah when you intend to do something, as you will have the blessing of Allah in your plans and actions.

Voilà ! Do not hesitate to share your morning routines or rituals in the comments below or even on Instagram in the post corresponding to this article. It interests me a lot, it is by sharing and discovering that one improves and evolves. :-)

Thank you for having read this article, hope you liked it and that it will be beneficial.

Do not hesitate to share !

- Jazak Allah khyran -

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