I sincerely believe in the power of our rituals and habits. All these little things that we do as human beings every day that participate in the creation of our life, our destiny and even describes the person we are.I was happy to see that My Morning Routine for Success was one of your favorite articles, so I will share with you today my night routine.

Whether it's monthly, weekly, morning or evening rituals, I sincerely believe that these rituals have a real impact on our present but also future lives.It is important to know that I apply this routine to 95% of my time, during my daily life. The remaining 5% of the time corresponds to the time I travel, when I have a particular event where I do not apply this ritual.




At the end of the day I always take the time to organize my next day. I make sure to plan my next day from the moment I will wake up until the evening.

This planning is usually done in every 30 minutes or hour.

It is important in your organization especially when planning is done by minutes or hour to note achievable and realistic goals according to your abilities. You can not rate "From 13h-13h30 reading the entire book" knowing that 30 minutes will not be enough to read this book which comprises 800 pages.

I think it's very important to organise your day the day before.

This allows both to have a day that will be organized in an optimal time and therefore productive way.

But also to lie down with a peaceful and free mind of all thoughts. You will not be busy with questions such as "I must not forget to do that and that!" "I have to contact this person" and so on.

If before we go to bed we take the time to write down everything that will happen and plan our day we no longer need to spend hours in our bed asking us what to do and not to forget For the next day.

Following the planning of the next day I then get ready to go to bed in my bedroom.



The bedroom is a sacred place where it is finally possible, after a long day, to relax and rest completely.

There is no mobile phone, TV or any other electronic object (laptop etc.). It is a place where I can truly spend time with myself.

It is therefore important not to have with me all these things which are genuine distractions of the external world.



One of the steps in my preparation for bedtime is of course a shower or a bath (the bath occasionally and the shower daily), my ablutions and my Face routine that I had already covered in detail in a previous article (available here). Then I go to the kitchen to make myself some tea. It is a habit that I have for some years. It is one that I inherited from my mother and shared with her in the past and keep on doing so when I go back to my parents house.

Then I go back to my bedroom with my tea and I sit in my bed.



I like to light candles to have a dim light, my bedside lamp and / or my favorite lantern (available here). I do not appreciate the sharp lights in my room especially in the evening because it keeps us awake. The soft lights allow you to relax and prepare physically and psychologically at bedtime.



Then I read a book which lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour maximum every night.

Reading is both good for the maintenance of your neurons, your knowledge and helps you fall asleep.

For those who know me through my previous articles, you all know that I am committed unconditionally to the old school. I do my reading from a real book, nothing is like a real book to enjoy its reading and I am totally against reading on computer, tablet and laptop.

The electronic light will have the opposite effect, it will damage your eyes, keep you awake and damage your health as well.



After I finish my reading, I take my notebook in which I write 5 things for which I am grateful that happened today and 5 things I would like to accomplish the next day.

It is a good way to be aware of how blessed we are because it is easy to forget all those little things that fill our lives everyday.

It is also a habit that creates positivity by making the choice to focus on what is best and get away from the bad.



Then I brush my teeth, finish my evening facial and body routine by applying all moisturising products like my face, body, feet and lip creams and serum.



I turn off my candles while keeping only my lantern lit and I will pray Isha. I enjoy finishing my day in the best ways, whether it's the last thing I do to close my day.

A final moment for oneself, a true privileged rendez-vous with myself, Allah and nothing else.

I then apply a relaxing mist on my pillow which is a mixture of essential oils of lavender, vetiver and chamomile which helps to calm and promote sleep.

Then I recite the night invocations which is a Sunnah that I recommend, indispensable for sleeping as a baby and protecting yourself from the unseen as we can be vulnerable to this when we sleep.

Finally, I turn off my lamp, and I go to bed around 9pm / 9:30 pm to 10pm -maximum.

And you ? Do you have a particular routine or habits in the evening? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section or on Instagram under the post corresponding to this article ! :-)

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