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When you buy new clothes, you may think they are clean, Yet this is not an obvious fact.


Lead, nickel or azo dyes are particularly toxic substances that can cause serious diseases like lead poisoning. The European Union prohibits their use in clothing, this prohibition is not in force in the rest of the world. Knowing that the biggest brands make their clothes abroad, you can do the calculation.


Imagine : a woman with a flu tries a t-shirt, sneezes on it and finally decides not to take it. You arrive after her and you wear the t-shirt without washing it: in addition to a new top, you also buy all her germs. So you also inherit a flu. Also, be aware that this famous t-shirt has passed from hand to hand before ending in a plastic bag or cardboard of which you do not know the composition. Some of these bags such as garbage bags are treated and therefore contain a substance that can cause allergies or epidermal reactions.


This is especially true for swimsuit bottoms and panties. We will not go into the details (do not thank us) but you can never know for sure whether the person before you tried this panties or that swimsuit down on their own underwear. Moreover, the swimsuit or swimsuit you buy has been touched by many people, from customers to the cashier to the handlers who have to pack them to send them to the store. Secretions, perspiration, fecal matter, do not think again and wash your new underwear before wearing them the first time.


Instead of having a laboratory test all the clothes you buy abroad, simply pass them on to the machine. A double wash is generally sufficient to remove the toxic substances used during the manufacture of the garments. If you are afraid the colors will tarnish, soak the garment in cold water with a little white vinegar before putting it into the machine. On the other hand, if it is the dyes used that are toxic, there is nothing to do since they were designed to stay.

You have been warned !

Article : Dounia Malki

Translation : 'Anaqah Blog


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