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To love oneself is to want the best for oneself. This challenge aims to take care of our true beauty, our raw beauty that already resides in each of us. Why not use these 30 days, 30 new opportunities to undertake together this detox in our lifestyle, body, mind and become a better version of ourselves? It is by taking the time for you, taking care of yourself, that you will see your self esteem grow from day to day. A one-month detox that you must adapt according to what you want to develop, learn, change or improve.


Think about one of the things you would like to develop, learn, change or improve in yourself. Whether it's putting you back to sports, eating in a better way, getting rid of or acquiring a new habit, it does not matter. The most important thing is to start today in a small step and no longer procrastinate (postpone until tomorrow). I will be posting throughout this month posts specially for this challenge (sport, food, personal development etc.) to help you in this detox that I myself undertook for 6 months and 4 months. Give yourself the means, be patient with yourself but above all be aware that if you do not take the time for yourself no one will do it.


Here are some ideas from my personal challenge that you can use to create yours:

- Spend time with yourself, alone, to take care of yourself, to discover yourself, to know what you like or not, what you want or not in your life. Discover your potential and what you would like to become in several years. Also question your habits whether they are good or bad and get rid of the toxic relationships that keep you away from your goal. Love yourself as you are.

- Practice and spiritually cleanse yourself, meditate and pray more often (minimum 5 times a day, perfect your prayer), learn more about your religion, beliefs etc. Learn to relativize, to be grateful for what you already have, count the blessings in your lives, get rid of negative thoughts and so on.

- Physical cleansing with gentle or intense physical activity, depending on your level and rhythm. Recovery of sports exercises at home or in a gym between women.

- Drink more water per day (minimum 2litre per day).

- Stop / reduce to the maximum anything that could stem this detox (makeup, bad foods etc.)

- Food with a better way to consume, the food you consume but also the organization of meals in advance (avoid waste, save money but especially eat healthy, seasons, privilege quality).

- Have a Healthy Routine ie sleep and wake up at fixed times. To wake up early.

- Be more aware of the products you buy, use, stop using bcp products for your face, your body, your hair. To have a minimalist approach: to clean + moisturize + to love, nothing more. Also be more careful about the composition of these products. Buy only what you need.

Of course all these changes do not happen in one day. Nevertheless all this is possible, accessible to all, with perseverance and patience.


Let's do it together with the hashtag #anaqahlessismore to follow, support and encourage you can use on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or by sending me this on Snapchat anaqahparis. Do not hesitate to launch this challenge to the people you love and become a better version of yourself! Here we go !!

Thank you for having read this article, hope you liked it and that it will be beneficial.

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⎯ Jazak Allah khyran ⎯

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