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When I was younger, after a lot of disappointment with friendship I realized that I could never change others and that the only change I could make was the impact I had on myself. I could not change the others if I did not change myself first. One of the main qualities of a successful person is self-confidence. The human being is someone that is made of habits and is by nature an imitator in the sense that he unconsciously takes the habits and attitudes of the things and people around him. He ends up believing what he hears on a daily basis, slowly but surely. Hence the importance in Islam of having healthy habits and good friends. Knowing this, we have the key to success and self-confidence. So I decided to use this knowledge to evolve in the best way: to grow my self-confidence every day. I wrote on my mirror with a grease pencil (it sounds really extra but wait for it, it works ):

"I'm beautiful"

"I‘m confident"

"I believe in myself"

"I know what I want and I'm not afraid "

"I'm strong "

Even if I did not believe half of what I had written, I wanted to integrate and accustom my mind to these "realities" so that they fit into my reality.

Every day I took the time to stand in front of my mirror for several minutes looking at me, visualizing the words and I said them aloud several times. Over time I realized that my vision of myself (physically and mentally) had changed, I felt different and more confident.

It is a technique that I myself used and approved and recommend to all women. Take the time to tell yourself these words everyday and you will find that taking this time for yourself and communicating with yourself is a source of infinite richness. Feel free to do so too, the effects will be more or less fast depending on the person but with determination and patience, you will see the end.

PS: After 1 year, my mother came to my room one day and cleaned (-removed) my words "what is this dirt ?!"

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