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Salam wa Rahmatullah wa aleykum Barakatuh (Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you).

I would like to open ANAQAH Magazine with a subject very close to my heart. I took the time to put everything in writing because there are topics that are easy to address and others are a little bit more difficult because they are much more personal and private, for which it takes time to be able to express completely.

It's been several years that I thought about wearing the hijab because to be honest the hijab is an obligation in Islam for women and to believe that this is not the case is lying to oneself. We all have our own path and our own pace in our practice of religion and I respect that totally because each person has their own trials and develops at their own rythme ; but there are basic points that we can not deny and ignore.

Nothing is done and asked if by chance, everything is done for our own welfare.

- Why I chose to wear it and my personal opinion on the hijab -

I loved the idea of a Muslim woman who preserves in her behavior but also in her clothing.

The hijab is to have the strength to put all of ones external qualities which easily attracts attention, e.g. beautiful shiny hair, long legs, a beautiful body (we have all our special charm), and place these in the background with emphasis given to what is primordial in a woman. That is to say her intelligence, words, education, humor, mental strength, history, journey, which makes her incomparable to another, irreplaceable and in one word -unique.

These primary qualities are often overshadowed by the secondary beauty and outward appearance which is often embellished and not a true reflection of the person.

The hijab gives another dimension to the woman, her true dimension.

It is there to put things in the order they should be. It puts all women at the same level.

It is the exact opposite of oppression, rather the hijab brings out the real woman in her contained self, without dressing, without deception, without armor, it puts her on a pedestal.

It highlights the true value of women and in doing so brings out whats at the source of the woman.

The woman who wears the hijab has that power to show who she really is to the world without a shield. It is however not vulnerable because it does not hide but instead expose the reality as it is.

This inspires me to respect the woman who wears hijab even more because it takes courage to do so, to affirm her choices and convictions especially in a generation like ours which promotes the exact opposite. Society today says having good looks makes you more important, popular or valued when this is not the case.

The real oppression lies, in my opinion, in this.

This constant competition that drives us all to be better than yesterday on things that are not real and superficial. It makes us forget the essential. It urges us to expose what is external, increasingly to the detriment of the interior where lies our true abilities, qualities and where history resides.

The hijab does not reject or ignore our outer beauty, it simply embraces our inner and outer beauty by giving them their true priority, placing both in the correct order.

It helps to install this balance as it is imposed on us in Islam that we must always be in balance in everything we do, never in excess or lacking.

It shows that women have much more to give than a beautiful body or beautiful hair. It is more than that, a simple look and shows that she has much more to offer! (You cant get more feminist than that.)

The woman who wears the hijab is independent, without label, she does not need to do too much. She just needs to be herself and be in competition with the person she was yesterday, namely to strive to be better than yesterday.

My hijab helps me to put this priority with myself but most of all with the outside world. The hijab of the woman says "it's me who decides what is to be put forward, which must be taken into account and who will have the privilege (yes, privilege) to discover me."

It helps me to focus on the things that have priority, without neglecting the secondary (loving beautiful things, like make-up etc).

There simply is a time for everything.

That's why I decided to wear the hijab alhamdulilah (thank you God).

Therefore when I came to live in England a few months ago I started to wear it.

Some people in my family are totally opposed to it and do not wear it but as long as my parents and especially MYSELF are in agreement with this decision, the rest matters little.

Every woman should have a break at one time or another to restore order in her life, her priorities and take the time to make that decision and say:

"This is my life and my life must be a reflection of myself. My journey has to be in my own image. "

The journey of each must be personal and accurate reflection of who we are because we will be judged at the end of it by the choices we make, nothing else.

May Allah make all my sisters strong in their paths and open the tightest of hearts to the idea, ameen

Life is not easy but we must try to stay strong and positive because behind every struggle there is a great reward, in sha Allah.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article.

Feel free to share your opinion, your experience with your hijab in the comments section.

- Jazak Allah Kheir -

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