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My Anne Semonin Experience at L'Atelier De Beauté, Paris - Thank you Balinea !

Whether you are Parisian or you're just planning to go to Paris, this is truly the place to be missed !

When I moved to Paris I had taken good resolutions. I was working hard but I had to take time for myself too. I was very busy during the day so one day during my break I decided to book a beauty appointment on the Balinea website. It's the quickest and easiest way to book any beauty treatment of your choice (facial, body care, massage, pedicure, manicure, spa, hair etc ) by choosing the schedule that works directly with your own shift. This can be done entirely on the website and not to mention also enjoying discount on the base prices, ranging from -10 to -70% off.

One of the other benefits is that you pay directly when booking. This will help you to enjoy the experience to the fullest without worrying about payment and will not interrupt the atmosphere of the treatment.

You also have access review from other people with the treatment they have chosen to make your own choice. It is also a great way to treat a loved one for a special occasion and be sure that they will enjoy it!

After researching several institutes from all the proposed ones, I chose Anne Semonin, L'Atelier de Beauté, a luxury brand known internationally and used in the best spas in the world (e.g Dubai, Bangkok etc). After trying it has now become my favorite institute ever and THE BEST in Paris in my opinion. Conveniently placed in heart of the capital in the 2nd arrondissement.

And what a discovery!

Several treatments for face and body are available for women but also for men.

I chose to do "Made-To-Measure Treatment" which is 110€ but offered on the site Balinea between 51 or 79, depending on the period in which it is assumed. This is an ideal treatment whatever your needs because everyone's skin is unique. This phyto-aromatic treatment combines serums, masks and specially selected mineral complexes to effectively meet the specific needs of your skin and enhance its glow.

Not really knowing the problems that my skin had, it was ideal for me, as it consists of several stages including a diagnosis ! Followed by the Vapozone that will help to open the pores of your skin. Then a scrub in depth, extraction of comedones if necessary (which was my case 🙋🏻). Then a drainage of the face, the application of several masks and finally serums and cream.

The Anne Semonin products used have a totally clean composition based on extracts from plants, algae and minerals plus the assets derived from biotechnology. Different pleasant textures, smell you can die for with an expert team fully trained, very sweet, who really take time to do the right thing, totally justifying the high quality of the treatment, the institute in itself and it's international reputation.

My skin was healthier, glowing, hydrated and relaxed, a real treat! I have never had such a result in another institute !!!

Before leaving I had my diagnosis written on a paper accompanied by test doses of the masks used to be able to continue the treatment at home that I heard well kept. My micellar water which at the time was the TAAJ one was about to end and wanting to try something new I've been tempted by their micellar water that is "Botanical Toner" Anne Semonin. Seeing its efficiency and effectiveness of test doses, I bought masks, cleansing milk and completely changing my face routine and honestly I could not be more satisfied.


Note: 11/10

Positive point

Whether on the quality of treatment as I have said above is impeccable, the quality of products used, a composition, textures, smells perfect. The quality of service is also perfect. The institute itself is very clean, cozy, a little bubble of relaxation in Paris ! The room is neither too hot nor too cold. The team of experts and the results myself have left me speechless.

I therefore recommend 200% !

Négative point

Nothing really, prices are certainly "high" but totally justified! Moreover ago the alternative Balinea which is a reliable website and allows us to enjoy this care at more affordable price.

I also use for my hairdresser and spa.

You can have 10 € extra discount with my referral code: 9AJMSUZ

Thank you for having read this article, hope you liked it and that it will be beneficial.

Do not hesitate to share !

- Jazak Allah khyran -

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