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Make up and I : My Story, Philosophy and Products that I Use Day and Night.

- My Story and Philosophy -

Makeup wasn't a thing I was oblivious to when I was younger.

I grew up with parents and an education that always pushed to exploit, develop and enjoy what I already had. To appreciate my beauty even with its imperfections and remain the same because it is who I am.

I will never thank them enough for that.

In my opinion, it is important that every woman learns to love herself in her natural self first, learn to accept herself, enjoy being alone in her own company and embrace her imperfections that make her a beautiful woman for her uniqueness.

Working on our self-esteem, having this philosophy, should be a priority thing to makeup. Especially in a society like ours where the appearance is "primordial". It allows us to maintain a certain balance between our own love and the means of sublimating ourselves.

I am not saying that makeup is a superficial thing, quite the contrary. Its the way we use it who determines it.

A woman who loves herself will be able to do without make-up with ease, but make-up should not be the making of the woman.

I have always seen make-up not as a way to change one's own appearance and to be unrecognizable or to hide behind another appearance that is not our own but rather as a way to put forward what one has already with subtlety. A way to focus on what we are, both our strengths and our weaknesses.

I have always had my mother as my role model. A woman at the same time strong, straight and feminine who attaches great importance to her inner and outer appearance (ma sha Allah tabarak Allah).

A real inspiration for me.

Regarding her makeup, it has always been discreet in favor of skincare. I still remember her when I was younger when she was religiously applying her face cream on her sweet face morning and evening.

I thin i took that from her, an unconditional love for care which is far greater than her love for make up.

I started to really use makeup at the age of 19-20 years (a little after I entered the uni).

Not for religious reasons or lack of time only because I have always been more attracted by skin care, the relaxing rituals application that it involves, a moment for oneself etc rather than make-up in itself.

Even if i was unbeatable whether it is on the latest trend of haute couture fashion show (Fashion Tv and Vogue magazine were my references), the latest trends makeup, colors to wear or not.

I simply did not apply these trends to myself. I did not feel the need.

My "minimalist" makeup was enough for me.

Before that (high school) I contented myself with a little discreet mascara and nail polish. My very first nail polish was the "Ballerina - 167" from Chanel that my mother bought me as a gift. A transparent and discreet pink that I cherished.

With the years that passed, I grew up and matured. I started the uni, I started to work in parallel of my studies and therefore was able to meet my needs financially. I paid my rent, my food, my clothes, and everything that was maintained and looked after.

I had come to a period of my life where I felt good with myself. I could very well, even today, go outside without makeup and only my face cream or with makeup and feel in both cases quite at ease, al hamdulilah (All praise is to God).

After spending the day at the university library to review, I wanted to relax while walking in to town.

By being at Sephora I decided by curiosity to choose a foundation, and it was my first time. With the advice of one of the women working there I chose the Diorskin star and a flat brush to be able to apply it.

When I came back to my parents house for the weekends I realized that my foundation was far too clear for me. My mother then told me with humor that she experienced the same thing a month earlier with a foundation that was far too dark for her.

So here we are mother-daughter exchanging our foundation and colors finally settling on the perfect one for each of us. So I traded my foundation Dior Diorskin Star with a Chanel Vitalumiere from my mother.

After that I started to really take pleasure in applying makeup.

- My Complexion -

Moisturize I always hydrate my skin before applying my makeup. It's healthier for your skin, the makeup is not in "direct" contact with the skin, so your skin doesn't get damaged with time but also to obviously moisturize it with suitable products.

All the makeup artists will tell you, Moisturising is the key step of a perfect makeup that holds all day.

My Face Oil

With the coming winter, my skin become dries and pulls easily (I have a mixed and sensitive skin).

I use in the morning and evening the face oil 'Midnight oil" by Soveral that I discovered when I moved to England.

It is made with 100% organic ingredients, use throughout the day to maintain vibrant and glowing skin. It lifts tired and lifeless skin by having a re-invigorating effect on muscular tone and decongesting effect on toxins. Works with the body’s natural restoration process aiding skin to both regenerate and illuminate.

It is designed, formulated and prepared by hand in London like all Soveral products!

I talk about it very often on Instagram because it's my favorite product of 2016.

It's been more than 8 months than i'm using it now and from the first time I used it I found that my skin was much more rested, healthier, glowing, rebounded, hydrated while giving this "glow" to the skin we all search for! 2 drops in the morning (and 3/4 in night treatment) are enough to do the entire face. No unpleasant sensation (neither too greasy nor too dry) and its smell is amazing ! Gold in bottles !

The healthier and the most effective face oil on the market ! It even won the Harpers Bazaar Award for Best Face Oil of the Year in 2015 ! I bought a second one for my mother and a friend for her wedding who have also adopted and are very satisfied about it !

My Lips Balm

Last step, I do not forget my lips who also need to be moisturize !

It became an habit for me day and night to use Soveral's Mandarin Kiss Lip Restore Balm !

With ultra nourishing Mango & Cocoa Butter and the stimulating power of Mandarin Peel, this vitamin packed balm ensures the delicate skin on the lips remains in pristine condition throughout all seasons and retains moisture when lips are naked.

It is nourishing, heal and protect, very pleasant, melts on the lips, no need to mention the smell that is crazy without being heady ! Moreover as all Soveral products the composition is totally clean which is even more appreciable! With the cold weather I have put one in my bathroom and one in my bag !

This allows me to let it penetrate during the application of my makeup and then apply my lipstick on a hydrated bases. It is even more ideal especially if you love matte lipstick/glosses that will avoid you to have striated lips (not very glamor in itself).

If you want to get both I recommend the Midnight Kiss which is a starter pack. It includes both facial oil and lip balm in full size and is much more advantageous than buying both products separately.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of the Promo Code: "emirates_inspirations" and benefit of

- 15% off on the whole site until January 5 !


My Foundation

It has been more than 3-4 years that I use the foundation Vitalumiere by Chanel which is for me the best foundation ever ! Its texture is fluid, without being too liquid. It is incredibly easy to apply. A small amount is enough to make the whole face because it stretches easily.

It has a perfect moisturizing power without making the skin oily. It does not dry the skin which is a real positive point.

(One thing I realized and that I noticed by purchasing out of curiosity another foundation Jolie Teint by Guerlain. It smells so good but its application is a nightmare very difficult to spread, it dries very quickly and dry your skin too so if you are adept like me of a light layer of foundation, it's not for you ...)

I do not have skin with lot of imperfection nevertheless I have appearances pores and some redness.

Its level of coverage is perfect, without making any mask effect.

Regarding its smell is very light and pleasant (like all Chanel products).

My Powder

Since last May I use the Loose Setting Invisible by Laura Mercie. It helps to ratifie the skin and fix the makeup all day. It blends the pores and smoothes the skin grain while bringing light ! I apply this powder with a Kabuki brush. After taking some powder on my brush, I tap it on a surface to remove the excess and then apply it to my face in circular movements.

My Bronzing Powder

No need to introduce Guerlain's Terracotta Powder.

I was able to test a lot of powder and it is by far the best to have a natural and subtle sun effect. Its legendary smell adds extra pleasure when applied.

I am a brunette with fair skin and the tone 03 Brunettes is perfect. I use this powder at the same time to define the features of my face in 3 (here) but also as a blush.

My Highlighter

I use a great classic and an indispensable Touche Eclat illuminateur by Yves Saint Laurent.

Before going into the heart of the matter I want to make clear that it is not a concealer. Its consistency is not made to be a concealer. The Touche Eclat is much lighter, with the aim of bringing light to your make-up.

I use it in light touch every day to wake up my complexion (dark circles, wings of the nose, brackets of the smile) but also to sculpt the light on my face (in the middle of the forehead, the nose arris, the tip of the chin, Cheekbones) and illuminate my gaze (the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye).

It can also be used to refresh your makeup in mid / late afternoon (dull complexion, fatigue etc.) by applying it in tapping directly from the pen on your face (do not sweep at the risk of removing the material there is below).

My Concealer

It was by chance that I discovered the Kiko Natural Concealer.

It hides the dark circles perfectly without packet effect. I use the lighter shade "01 Clear" when my skin is fair and the "02 Natural" when I have tanned skin in summer (or when i use fake tan product). Shout out to my law students, this concealer was our partner, sponsors of our studies !

The only negative point of it is its quantity which is ridiculously small. So it ends very quickly, even if i don't use a lot of it.

- Eyebrows -

Regarding my eyebrows I have been blessed by Allah al hamdulilah (thanks God). They are very dark and very thick. Nevertheless it is important for me to define them to discipline them and open my eyes.

My Eyebrow Pencil

I use the precision Eyebrow Pencil by Kiko which is a my true favorite. I started using it when I was a student and for the moment I have not found a second one that is as effective as price / quality ratio. It is precise, fills small spaces, stay all day while having a natural finish thanks to the nozzle brush that helps to blend the material.

I use it in "01 Blackhaired" color.

My Highlighter

To define and underline them, when I have a little time in front of me, I use the Highlighting Duo Pencil by Anastasia Beverly Hills in "Matte Shell / Lace Shimmer" color.It is composed of two tips, the first one that is iridescent is to use below the eyebrow allows to open the look and the second matte is to use at the top of the eyebrow allows to define it.

Nevertheless when I do not have much time I use, as explained earlier, the Touche Eclat illuminateur of Yves Saint Laurent.

My Eyebrow Fixing Gel One of my eyebrow favorites is Benefit Cosmetic Transparent Eyebrow Fixing Gel !

My eyebrows are quite long and brushing them while having a transparent fixing gel helps to discipline them and be sure they stay up all day.

This is both the finishing touch of my eyebrow makeup but can also be worn alone while having the benefits of having brushed and disciplined eyebrows

- Eyes -

I adapt my eye and lip makeup according to the occasion. It will therefore be different during the day and in the evening. To know that when I make my evening makeup I always start with the eyes before making my complexion. Using eye shadows can cause drops of matter that can be a problem on a complexion already done but very easy to clean on bare skin.

During the Day

My Mascara

If there's one thing I can not do without, it's mascara. For several years now my favorite mascara is The Chanel Volume. The volume in a few words it is elaborated lashes but no packet effect, it is an incredible length without "spiders legs", and it is especially a very good performance and a tube time in time quite exceptional.

My Eye-Liner

During the day I approach a discrete makeup called "nude" contented with a line of eye liner discreet with the Super Liner Perfect Slim by L'Oreal in "Black intense" color which is a real black.

The application is of a childish facility, whether you are a beginner or confirmed in the art of liner. All my friends have adopted it! I do not appreciate liner "brushes" because they are much too soft, so I have a lot of difficulty using them and being precise. As for the pen tip they have this similarities to dry very quickly.

I love the Super Liner Perfect Slim which is perfect because it has a nozzle that is between the brush and the pen. Very thin, soft and rigid, it creates a discreet look by making a very thin and light stroke but also a more "dramatic" look with a thicker and more intense stroke..

My Eye Primer

An eye primer allows several things. First, it unifies your eyelid, to smooth out small defects, but also give it a uniform neutral tint. It also makes it possible to highlight the pigments of a make-up, very useful if the latter is mediumly pigmented, and finally it prevents it from creaking, in other words of spinning in the fold after a few hours.

It is therefore an indispensable tool to achieve a very sustained makeup, or if you have to wear it all day / evening.

I use Dior's Backstage Eye Prime smoothing and fixing eyelid base. Its texture is creamy and it holds all its promises: the makeup stay all the day, does not migrate, unifies while smoothing the eyelid.

It is applied with a brush or with your finger (previously cleaned) and then stretched it all over the entire eyelid.

My Eye Shadow

During the day I opt for a make-up called "nude" which as been mentioned previously with a fine line of eyeliner on my eyes. Nevertheless from time to time I appreciate the use mattes neutral eye shadow (beige, light brown etc.) that are both discreet while dressing up the look.

At the moment I use the Palette Total Matte Smoky Palette Eye - Brow by Dior which is a Christmas limited edition. It consists of 5 make-ups including 3 eye shadows and 2 eyebrow makeup.

I appreciate this palette because it is both practical and easy to carry especially when traveling a lot but also because it contains basal mattes basics that one can use both day and evening.

A real favorite of this end of year which is unfortunately sold out everywhere.

Another favorite which was also my very first palette and which is in my opinion THE palette indispensable to have the Naked 1 by Urban Decay.

It is an indispensable one in the sense that it contains everything a woman needs.

At the same time neutral, matte, iridescent and sequined shades to be able to do a day make-up of but also of night one.

If you have to choose one single palette, this is the one !

During the Night

My Eye Shadow

I appreciate my make up more pronounced in the evening for special occasions and events by insisting on the eyes or mouth (never both at the same time).

One of the makeups that I enjoy the most in the evening is an intense black smoky eye.

I execute it with the palette called Naked 1 which I spoke about earlier in this article but also with cream or gum textures like Chanel and Dior, one that can have a matte finish, sparkly or luminous.

For a smoky eye black matte I use Diorshow Fusion Mono Matte by Dior in tint "091 Nocture" which gives a velvet effect on the eyelid and an intense look very elegant and sensual.

For a particular event I bring out the glitter (which is very rare) with the Shadow Illusion of Chanel in black version in tint "85 Mirifique" (picture here) or white in tint "81 Fantasme" (picture here)

What I appreciate with these products is that the effect is guaranteed without needing to have a great makeup technique. The shades are incredibly pigmented, very simple to apply and with a base hold very well !

Concerning the application you must remove the texture gently by touching, using the applicator that is provided.

Two applications are possible for two effects:

  • Light, soft effect: applied with the finger, the texture melts and stretches for a light color result.

  • Intense effect: applied with the brush, the material intensifies to reveal color and mattness.

Mes Crayons Khôl

I also appreciate the technique in pencil which is also very simple and more practical than the pot.I use both the Dior Diorshow Khol in "079 Smoky Gray" and the Chanel Eyes Crayon in "01 Black".

I apply them roughly eyelashes (type eye liner) and do not fade the sequel for a fuzzy neglected liner effect and a look at once discreet but intense.

A technique that I use especially when I prefer the mouth.

- Lips -

During the Day

During the day my makeup is quite discreet, the same for that of my lips. I appreciate the beige, chestnut and nude colors. I always use cream or satin textures that do not appreciate the matte textures and the dry lips that accompany them.

My Lip Liner

I always start by using a lip liner that I use both alone or as a first step before using a lipstick (RAL) to both define the contour of my lips but also Improve the performance of the RAL.

One of my favorites is Chanel Lip Pencil in "34 Natural" which I have for some years already and which I discovered on the advice of my mother but also the Lip Cheat Lip Liner by Charlotte Tilbury in hue "Pillow Talk".

Both are easy to apply, the colors are discreet, natural but put in values ​​the lips.

The only negative point is that if you leave the Chanel Lip Pencil open too long it dries and then becomes unusable.

My Lipstick

The same rules is applied to the lipsticks which also remain in the day in nude tones.

I had a real favorite for the color "Paname 310" by Dior who is the perfect nude !!!

Tom Ford's "Casablanca" (picture here) and Tom Ford's "Indian Rose" (picture here) succeeded by reconciling me with the pink tones. Very comfortable to wear, nothing to say.

At Night

In the evening it is a very different make-up and when I do not insist on my eyes I do it on my mouth and what better for that than beautiful red lips at once elegant, classy and sensual ?

Red lipstick is truly the indispensable that every woman should have.

My Lip Liner

I always begin by drawing the outline of my lips with the lip pencil Dior Contour by Dior in tint "999" which is THE parisian red !

My Lipstick

Then I apply one of my two favorite red lipstick, the Chanel Rouge Allure in "165 Eblouissante" shade that I had discovered and bought during the private inauguration evening of the Chanel shop in Le Marais last winter. It is a perfect red, balanced, both present and discreet, very pleasant to wear, that you can wear during the day and evening. I wore it at work and now I just wear it in the evening for a dinner for example ;

And the Burberry Beauty Lip Velvet in "429 Military Red" which is a classic of the brand. It stay all day, its texture is incredibly comfortable to apply / wear and its color which is a true red is just beautiful.

My Lip Gloss

I also have the alternative "lip gloss" that I apply after the lip liner. To be honest I have never been a great fan of lipgloss. I do not find it very elegant, unpleasant to wear, the lips stick and the hair sticks too it (problem solved since I wear the hijab haha ​​;-)).

I always go for lipsticks much more than lip gloss. Nevertheless I found the ideal compromise in Loubilaque Lip Laquer by Christian Louboutin Beauty in "Rouge Louboutin" shade.

It is a lip laquer which unlike a gloss has the pigmentation of a lipstick (very intense color), gives this "gloss" effect to the lips, without being "sticky" and stays all day on your lips.

I fell in love with the "Rouge Louboutin" which is an incredibly glamorous red to wear, shinny and incredible comfort but also and especially very easy to remove which is a big bonus and an economy of time !

- Brush -

I was lucky to have among my wedding gifts the magnificent brush set Complete Set by Zoeva. This set is composed both of brush for the face and the eyes.

The brushes are made with a very soft bristles which makes the application of makeup more than pleasant.

I have them for a few months now and they hold very well, I will give you my opinion about them when I will have used them a little longer in shâ Allah.

This kit is complete nevertheless I think it is rather intended for women who used makeup more regularly - everyday. I do not use them all myself.

If you opt for simple makeup, I recommend that you to have 3 brushes for complexion + 1 Beauty Blender and 3 eye brushes, that are essential and will suffice you amply :

Complexion :

1 Flat Blush

1 Blush brush

1 Kabuki Brush

+ Beauty Blender

Eye :

1 Applicator Brush

1 blending brush

1 Smudger Brush

The set that includes all these brushes is here.

For a set consisting only of eye brushes here or here.

For my part I would have been satisfied to buy foundation brush separately and a eyes set since I appreciate from time to time make up more worked on my eyes justifying the need for a set.

Your choice must be made according to your need. :-)

Détails des Pinceaux Essentiels, leursUtilités et Utilisation :

Flat Blush (apply the foundation)

It is a brush with rounded tip, well supplied and with the hair tight to spread the foundation well and allow a homogeneous and smooth application.

The application of the foundation is done from the inside of the face to the outside by making movements back and forth, without pressing too much, on the whole face. Do not forget the neck and ears to avoid any demarcations.

Despite the set I always have a preference for the Paintbrush Flat of Sephora (see photo).

Unfortunately it is no longer available for sale having been replaced by new brushes.

Because i had lost it for a few months I decided to buy one of the new one.

I found that the application of my foundation was not homogeneous creating streaks on my face.

The quality was a horror, so I now use it to apply my face masks.


Blush Blush (apply the blush and bronzing powder)

As its name indicates this brush is made to apply the blush but can also be used to apply the bronzing powder precisely.

Take a small amount of the blush with the brush, then place it gently on the crown of the cheekbones in small touches, while climbing towards the temples.

I recommend the ELF Blush Brush.

I used it when I was a student and I was never disappointed. It is at the same time a good quality, very pleasant and accessible to everybody.

Beauty Blender (apply powder and concealer)

Subsequently I turned to the Beauty Blender which is a sponge to apply the foundation and any other texture.

I am not an adept of it when it's about foundation because it absorbs much of what you apply.

So I just use it during the application of my powder on specific areas and my concealer, which suits me perfectly. The application is done by tapping.

Kabuki Brush (The final touch to keep in place your make up)

The Kabuki brush is an ideal brush when you want to apply powders over your entire face and finish your makeup.

Thanks to its soft bristles, it doses precisely the amount of powder needed. Its round shape promotes a circular application. It easily reaches the smallest corners of your face. The result is a perfect uniform complexion.

For those who follow me on Instagram you already know that I have passed 100% organic regarding facials, body and hair (or at least I try to have a compo as clean as possible) care.

I still have a little bit of journey to go about changing my makeup to organic make up (my habits are stubborn).

Nevertheless a friend from the United States sent me a selection of make-up with a super clean compo (they are really ahead at this level) that I am currently testing in the medium term. I will make you an article soon in sha Allah.

It was nevertheless important for me to show you what I actually used on a daily basis and that you will find for the most part easily.

Thank you for having read this article, hope you liked it and that it will be beneficial.

Do not hesitate to share !

- Jazak Allah khyran -

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