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As exciting as travelling can be, it can also be very stressful, especially when it comes to packing. As a lady who loves fashion, deciding what to bring along—and setting reasonable limits for myself—can be particularly difficult. Although I’ve managed to whittle down my once-obscene load over the years, I still find myself struggling not to overpack—not to mention pack things I’ll actually wear.

So in the days leading up to a weeklong international trip that would involve everything from a diner out or daily movement, I challenged myself to travel only with a carry-on and to really think about what I was putting into it. By replacing my usual last-minute rush with a well–thought-out plan and clear limits set by my luggage size, I ended up feeling far more satisfied with what I’d brought along than ever before..

Buy Good Luggage and Compartmentalized Bags

Sisters have a tendency to want to pack everything, from their best hijabs to the nicest abayas. Depending on where you are going and how long you are going for, it is always useful to invest in a weekend bag. A weekend bag is usually cabin sized so you can take with you onto the plane and is big enough to fit in useful items like documents, laptops and tablets, along with spare clothing. It will also be big enough to take with you if you are travelling within the country you are visiting. It is also big enough for short weekend trips – smaller luggage will force you to pack less!

s easy to carry and pull along, and has been a life-saver for me, I take it on short trips and it actually allows me to fit in enough clothes for four days.


Get yourself a luggage tag holder to make it easy to spot your luggage when it comes to collecting your luggage at the end of a journey.

Compartiments et produits en Travel Size

This may not be a groundbreaking tip, but we tend to pack so last-minute that we end up throwing in our normal-size toiletries anyway, which are heavier and take up a lot more space. To really make the most of your carry-on you’ll want to scoop up those empty travel-size bottles (usually found at your local drugstore) to carry your favorite products in.

When i don't have time to do it i usually buy my favorite product in travel size for my hair and body. (My favorites are here and here).


1. Do not forget that if you take product with you in your bag or luggage in the plan they need to not go over 100ml

2. If you or someone wear hijab, opt for travel size bottles one which has a transparent inlay and use these to store safety pins and hijab accessories safely.

Write down your Schedule

It may seem tedious, but writing out everything you plan to do on your trip—whether it’s going to a fancy dinner or on a morning run—will ensure that you cover all the important bases, but nothing more. You can try to keep track mentally, but I’d recommend scribbling down what you plan to wear for each event as you go. If there's anything left over that doesn't apply to an event on your schedule, don't bring it with you.

Contain of the Luggage

Bring full Outfit and Not Random Options

The first step will help you with this, but planning specific outfits is crucial when packing with limited space. If you forego this step, you’re more likely to end up with an excess of clothing that leaves you unsatisfied. By pre-planning each outfit, you can leave for your trip with zero uncertainty about what you’ll wear to specific events.

Make a List

Arriving at a destination and realizing that I have forgotten something is something that has happened way too often, not just for me but for most of us im sure. Even if we have thought about it before leaving we still manage to forget something from time to time.

To avoid repeating this bad expérience, I have made a habit of writing down either on paper (e.g notepad, agenda, diary) or making a list on my phone of things that im going to take with me. I tick them every time I put them in my suitcase.

I use the app "Notes" that we all have in our iPhones but you can use Triplist which is an app dedicated to it. It also helps to buy whatever you need before your travel too.

Limit yourself to 2-4 Pairs of Shoes

Shoes can be a packing downfall, so it’s crucial to limit yourself to no more than four pairs: sneakers, flats or sandals, heels, and ankle boots (or a second pair of heels). This will give you the perfect amount of variety without taking up too much space.

This needs to be in function of your programme and what you usually wear. For my part i only take one pair of sneakers that im actually wearing at the airport and two pairs of flat shoes, one casual and another paire which is more sophisticated.

Avoid Experimentation

Travelling brings with it a lot of fantasy, but it’s important not to let that affect how you pack. This is not the time to experiment with wild prints or colour if that’s not your usual MO, nor is it the time to bring any clothes that have been sitting in your closet collecting dust. As much as we’d like to be totally transformed once we hop off the plane, we rarely are, so it’s best to stick with what you’re sure you like.

Roll All of your Clothes

I’ve heard this tip a million times but didn’t do it until recently, and it was a game changer. Not only does it make for much more space in your suitcase, but it also leaves all of your garments with fewer wrinkles than the usual folding method.

Bringing delicate jewellery with you too? Wrap it up in your clothes, and it will stay protected and untangled.

Pack the Essential Five

There are a few things I could not travel without, but these are the essential five I always have in my bag when travelling :

  1. a book (or iPad or Kindle)

  2. a pen

  3. a notebook/journal

  4. a passport holder

  5. a travel prayer mat

I usually have a book I like to read as waiting times at airports can be very long and time-consuming;

Same in the plan, i usually take a book but when i have work to do i take instead my laptop or iPad.

The pen and notebook are useful to write your reflections, or on capturing things that you come across whilst travelling, as well as, writing down important information you may need to remember, like directions to a new place when you arrive in the city.

It is also essential to get yourself a passport holder or have a separate small bag to hold your boarding pass, tickets and passport in. Too often, we find that we are looking everywhere in our handbag to find the passport or boarding pass – and you don’t want to miss the flight if you can’t find it!

The travel prayer mat is invaluable to me when travelling, especially for long journeys. Alhamdulillah, we are fortunate that many airports and train stations have multi-faith spaces, however, it is essential to carry one so that we don’t miss salah. Mini travel mats are so inexpensive, and usually come with a case and a compass. It is also good to have a travel sized mushaf.

No need to say it but reading Qur’an should be done at home and while we travel because we tend to forget it or neglect it even more while we travel. Lot of Qur'an apps are so accessible, so you can listen to, recite or reflect on verses of the Qur’an whilst travelling.


Get a Multi-Country Adapter

When i move out to England i have been confront of the problem british adapter because all my accessoires got a french adapter.

I have recently discover a multi-country adapter. This multi-country travel adapter will allow you to charge your gadgets by using one single adapter in different countries. This is a good investment as you are saving on buying new chargers every time you travel.

It is also useful to get a portable charger, so you will never be without a charged phone.

Emergency Medication

It is important to also pack emergency medication like painkillers, as well as hand sanitisers and first aid items like plasters. Although pharmacies may be available in the country or city you are going to, it is better to be prepared in case they are not easy to reach.

Thank you for having read this article, hope you liked it and that it will be beneficial.

Do not hesitate to share

- Jazak Allah Kheir -

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