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Knowing how to make your suitcase is an art and plan the outfit that you will wear for your flight is another one.

One of the paramount things during the composition of your outfit for a short or long plane trip is comfort - without neglecting its style, which means having a casual style. Otherwise a simple pajama or jog would have done the trick but this is not what we are looking for in this article. ;-)


——— Choose an Outfit your are Comfortable In ———

That is one of the most important things. It must be both pleasant to wear while waiting at the airport, but also during a long or short the flight.

Avoid clothes tightening (even if you are used to it). Sitting for several hours in the same position in addition to your slim jeans, a tight top is bad for your legs, blood circulation and causes discomfort that could turn your journey into hell.

Also for accessories, forget your belt and do not clutter yourself with jewels too imposing.

Regarding the flight the clothing must be ample and / or made in pleasant materials. They will allow you a great ease of movement and thus allow you to be comfortable. A golden rule that I apply to all clothes the i wear while i travel.

Warning: When I use the term "ample", the goal isn't to look like a bag. An clothes can be ample but at the same time fit and cut for your body.

- Abaya, Coat and Cardigan -

For my part I usually wear in the spring fall Abayas amples open that I do myself (check it out here) it is possible to close and open with ease through press stud. I always keep them closed, it gives me a great freedom on the clothes I put underneath.When the weather is quite different, late autumn until the end of winter, I put my abaya aside and wear very long coat instead.

If you do not enjoy long coats, the best alternative would be a long winter cardigan.

Advice :

Avoid heavy coats and cardigan that are difficult to wear and carry.

Good to Know When you wear a coat (whether it be very long or short) during your transition to security, unlike the abaya, the coat will be asked to be removed to be able to pass it to the scanner as your bag, computer Etc. So be sure to wear something appropriate under your coat like a long cardigan, a long sweater or a long tunic for example to not find yourself in the sight of all - an awkward situation if your goal is the contrary.

- The Pant -

Below my coat I prefer the loose pants or "carrot cut". I choose them not tight at the waist (ideally elastic one) that I appreciate in leather material in winter. The fact that it is ample and not tight at the waist allows to be comfortable whether standing or sitting, while having the advantages of the leather (to be warm and to bring a touch of style to my outfit).

I am not a follower of the trousers in primary clothing (alone, that can be seen) which is in my opinion not in cohesion with my hijab.

I nevertheless appreciate the pants under my abayas closed because it is practical and allows me to hide my ankles when my abaya lifts slightly for example during my movements, wind or any other reasons..

Advice :

If you prefer slim jeans, prefer those made of elastane, they will be more supple and comfortable than a classic slim jeans.


———Wear Warm Pieces ———

Two days ago I flew myself and one of the things that should not be overlooked is the fact that, whatever your destination and season, it's cold on the plane. It is therefore important to provide warm pieces in order to protect yourself from the cold.

- The Sweater -

Think of the sweater which is a good way to protect yourself from the cold but also be comfortable in your clothes. I wear it for my part long and short according to the other clothes that will compose my outfit (abaya closed or not, long vest etc.).

You can opt for the sweater dress which is a nice alternative for the chilly (of which I am a part) while remaining "mastour".

Regarding its composition, your sweater or sweater dress should be neither too thin nor too thick because if it is too thick, you will be too warm and if it is too thin it will simply be useless.

- Scarf and Hat -

Unlike clothing, prefer warm accessories. My favorite tip is to wear a very long scarf. It will allow you to cover your neck during your trip (home - airport) but also while waiting at the airport and once in the plane can be used as cover.Think about protecting your head with a hat or cap.


- Socks -

If there's one thing to remember, it's socks. Choose them as much padding as possible and take them in your bag. They are essential if you are looking to put yourself at ease or to find sleep.

Advice :

Do not keep your shoes to the feet, with altitude, feet are the first to inflate!


——— Wear Flat Shoes: Sneakers! ———

Between the departure, your bag and suitcase to carry, cross the airport to find the right gate, wait patiently in the wire to get to the plane, run, climb and descend the stairs, the last thing you do not need is to have shoes that are not comfortable and have foot pain. It is therefore best to wear comfortable flat shoes like sneakers.

This way you are sure to be comfortable throughout your journey.

If you are used to wearing heels there are sneakers which heel has been added. This allows you to take a centimeter while keeping the comfort of a pair of sneakers.

Tip :

If you are going to a warm country, do not hesitate to add to the contents of your bag a small pair of sandals that you can put on arrival. Think of the dust bag in which you can slip your sneakers in so they are not in contact with the contents of your bag.


——— Layers, layers, layers ! ———

One of the tricks that any confirmed traveler knows and recommends is to layer the layers of clothing you are wearing. Thinner materials can be interesting if you are going from a cold country to a hot destination.

So add on top of your closed abaya (long dress) a sweater and a jacket that will be easy to remove and put in your bag. If you do not wear an abaya you can apply the same principle by multiplying the layers of top, long sleeve t-shirt and a coat so that you can take off at your arrival and not suffer of too big differences in temperature.

Just as it is important to wear natural materials like cotton or linen that will let your skin breathe in contrast to synthetic materials that will choke and make you sweat more.


——— Moisturize More and Make up Less ———

Avoid applying make-up when traveling. BB cream and mascara are enough.

Do not wear too much eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick, they may leak and are not suitable on long journeys.

For my part I do not use any makeup when I travel to privilege hydration and my comfort.

If you have dark circles kill two birds with one stone and prefer sunglasses. They allow to conceal a tired face, is an accessory easy to carry, which takes no space and is the final touch of a beautiful look.

An important thing on which I did not insist in the previous article "Travel Hacks On How to Pack for Sisters" is that your skin, whether during flight due to air conditioning, airports or often brutal temperature change, get dehydrates which can be a disaster for your skin and lips. It is therefore important to privilege hydration when you travel.

Opt for a mini tube of moisturizer for your hands, face and lips and take them on board. You can also put some of your favorite cream in a suitable container and take it with you.

I like to use eye mask

Good to Know:

Liquid, cream and other contents that you carry on board the aircraft must not exceed 100ml, otherwise you will have to separate them before embarking or add them to your luggage in the hold.


——— Be Clean on You, for You and Others ———

This is obvious for some but it was nevertheless important for me to approach and close this article on this point. Do not neglect your personal hygiene when traveling. Take the time before your departure to take a shower, apply deodorant and wear clean clothes.

Odors are multiplied when you are in an airplane.

Do not use any perfume, your favorite perfume may not be the same one of your seat neighbor in the plane.

Respect for yourself AND others is a very important thing in Islam as our Prophet Muhammad (SWS) taught us and should not be neglected.

Thank you for having read this article, hope you liked it and that it will be beneficial.

Do not hesitate to share !

- Jazak Allah khyran -

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