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These words are written from a French woman, of Algerian origin, from her two parents, expatriates in England, of Muslim confessions.

When one is at peace with oneself,

the outer no longer reaches us.

- 'Anaqah blog

I receive messages every day from readers who wish to emigrate for study reasons and / or simply because they are " not feeling good in France" to quote them. I will respond to all these messages and mails through an article, doing my best to answer them correctly, hoping it will benefit you if you need it or if you have difficulty in your life إن شاء الله


Before anything else it is important to know that I myself am an expat but also accompanied by my mahram.

Traveling, going abroad, especially without mahram is Islamically excluded. It is important to have this information in mind before making any decisions.

Studies reasons or because of the climate that is increasingly heavy in France pushes many of you to simply want to leave. The social climate is very difficult in France for a Muslim but the country is not at war in the sense that it is not under bombs.

Many hide behind the word " Hijra " to justify or give credibility to their steps. Nevertheless, it is important to be reasoned, respect yourself by researching the subject and the conditions of it before talking about an uncontrolled subject that sometimes leads to the worst and enrage other people in your madness. I do not say that the Hijra is bad, only that there are conditions and above all a time for everything.


Stay focused on your present deeds. Make clever choices in line with who you are and your belief (- even if you have to start over everything). Study, work, raise and educate yourself before you want to do anything. Think seriously about it, organize yourself concretely, have a landing point, a job AND THEN go (with your mahram) if you wish. Moving abroad is not like going to the cinema, buying a ticket and enjoying the moment, it's life changing, habits that change, new benchmarks to find, even more responsibilities and difficulties too (yes, yes!). As my grand mother said " The rush comes from sheitan (the devil) and reflection/patience comes from Allah (God).


Consider this - the atmosphere in France - which is in itself very difficult, as being a test like any other, fight it with endurance, patience and respond to negativity with a smile, the one that our Prophet Muhammed (sws) sported in times of ease and of difficulty. The most important is that you can practice (pray, fast, wear your hijab). There will be those who do not understand the meaning of "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity", who do not agree with your practice and will want to destabilize and hurt you, they will always exist. In England there are also bad people (racist, islamophobic), there are also people all over the Globe, just like the good people.

Take time to appreciate yourself, to be proud of who you are, what you wear and what you believe in. Be at peace with who you are, with your beliefs, practices and choices. Learn about yourself but also about the roots of your religion. The more you read, the more you learn and the stronger you become psychologically and spiritually speaking, possessing the best weapon: knowledge. A source that will nourish your patience, endurance and perseverance.


The facility must come from within you and not be acquired by what is outside. It is you who creates it by your choices and your optimism. It is up to you to facilitate your own daily life, making it more productive, soothing, beautiful, but above all by having what is of priority and secondary to their respective places. Look for your happiness and satisfaction in the right place. Do not seek the interest, the validation of the other because in doing so you will lose both your time, your energy which engenders dissatisfaction and disappointment that will take you away from happiness and satisfaction.

Difficulty is the key word of this earthly life. We are here for this, to endure, but Allah has given us the keys to be at peace with ourselves no matter where we are, it is up to you to make the choice, to choose, to use this key like a muslimah should. Why not start blaming ourselves, instead of blaming the others (even if it's easier or legitimate), for our inactivity that is equal to accepting this situation ? Change begins in ourselves. Let's try to be a better person with ourselves and others. Let us try to make a positive change in our own daily life but also in the daily lives of the others. Your behavior is the best dawah. So "tie your camel" and trust in Allah. (Work and believe in Allah).

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