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I have a special affection for Dior since a very long time that I hold from my mother. It is the same for the Plaza Athénée which is my favorite meeting point when I am in Paris. Having to recharge and relax, it was obvious to me to throw my devotion on the Dior Spa which is located within the Plaza Athénée. I was able to make my reservation by email which was appreciated.

——— MY ARRIVAL ———

I went to the Plaza Athenee a few days later. I was welcomed at the Spa by one of the men who was at the entrance, he showed a lot of professionalism and incredible kindness.

When I arrived, I was welcomed by two women. One of them lead me to the spa and accompanied me to the locker room. She was very nice, smiling and sweet. Her appearance and speech were both perfect. For those who have followed me for a while, you know that I attach great importance to the details when it comes to service and I was extremely delighted,

worthy of the Palace that is the Plaza Athénée.

The Spa itself is at the same time purified in notes of beige, white and taupe, like the Dior house. The brightness is soft but clear.

I arrived about 25 minutes ahead of schedule so I was able to enjoy the facilities such as the steam room and sauna which are inside the locker room. A gym is also at your disposal (next time I will provide a more adequate outfit إن شاء الله). The fact that the steam room and the sauna are located inside the cloakroom make it unnecessary to move to the spa in swimsuit / bathrobe, which is a real asset. A few minutes later, a shower and I am ready for my massage.


I am initially accompanied to the relaxation room where I am joined by Isabelle who took care of me and accompanied me throughout this beautiful experience. An incredible woman and physiotherapist. A person at the same time professional, human, kind, gentle and remarkable attention.You must first fill out a very quick questionnaire (to know about allergies etc.) accompanied by a hot or cold drink. Then the questions are this time for the creation of your made to mesure treatment, in the company of the person who will take care of you. Each Dior treatment begins with a personalized diagnosis of the skin around a dialogue in order to propose the Dior Institut treatments made for you.

These treatments offer a unique sensory experience, sophistication and cosmetic innovation.

You can choose the type of pressure you want during the massage depending on what your needs and expectations are. But also if you want music or not. If so what kind of music. To finish you are asked the perfume you prefer according to your mood and your tastes. The smells were familiar to me, I later discovered that it was Dior perfumes. The one I had obtained is the perfume J'adore de Dior. A smell, soft and sensual, all I love. It is an important choice because it will follow you throughout this experience, by touch (on towels for example, sheets etc.) up to the oil used for the massage in itself.

Can you imagine ?

A massage and a complete care experience with the notes of classic and inescapable perfume J'adore by Dior.

After answering the questions, you will have a personalised treatment. A treatment that reflects your expectations.

I was then accompanied to the room where the experience would take its full meaning, leaving me on the road the opportunity to discover a little more about the Spa itself which is beautifully arranged, adding to this sense of Fullness, Peacefulness that of being out of Time.


I had chosen the body treatment "Absolute Relaxation" for 1 hour a few days earlier. This is a deep relaxing treatment, which I greatly needed.

When I arrived in the room, I was left alone to remove my bathrobe and settle insideFrom what I renamed with humorous massage bed (they are made and as comfortable as a bed). Concerning the room itself, the light was low and soft conducive to maximise relaxation.


As soon as I entered I found the notes of , the perfume J'adore in the air, very pleasant without being heady. The temperature of the room was perfect.

A real sensorial experience.

Time for the treatment.

The movements executed enveloping strokes bring harmony to the figure and deep relaxation to the entire body. The experience continues with a specific massage, made up of precise and expert gestures to target the specific needs of the client that were collected a few minutes earlier. Expansive movements and flowing transitions transform the posture and release tension. The release is immediate, for a great moment of well-being and harmony.

As I mentioned above, I was lucky enough to share this experience with the expert Isabelle. An incredible woman, very professional, intelligent, very gentle, the technique is there giving me the best massage of my life. A real pearl that the Dior Spa has the chance to have!

Every part of the body is done with attention. When one part is made, the other parts of the body are covered. The technique is more than mastered, the respect of the body is there, a lot of decency (modesty) that I really appreciated that.


An exceptional and luxurious treatment, not only because it is made in the very heart of the Parisian palace the Plaza Athénée, but for the quality of service which was impeccable, and the staff who take care of you from the beginning to the end of this magnificent experience. Not to mention the massage that is more than mastered either in the technique of execution, which is therapeutic but also the relaxation it provides, justifying its price but also made it the best spa Paris.

Beyond the irreproachable service, I was alone that day in the spa, it is also very calm, making the experience all the more precious and privileged. A beautiful moment to experience at least once in a life. You can let yourself be tempted with your eyes closed. It is also a nice gift idea to treat someone, or yourself ;-) it will delight the person promised.

It was a first for me and it will probably not be the last إن شاء الله

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