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IMPORTANT: The milk we are talking about here, and prophetic medicine speaks, is the milk at its origin, which is pure, and not the industrial milk to we have access in our days.

In Prophetic Medicine, milk is called a « remedy » by our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), how should we take into account all the information widely disseminated today on a possible future Danger of the consumption of milk and its derivatives for our health? Is milk really responsible for all the evils that are attributed to it? Would it have become harmful? And what could be the reasons? These are questions that we will try to answer by analyzing and listing various points that we must try to take into account so that our consumption of dairy products becomes an optimum asset for our health.

The milk in the Qur'an and in the Prophetic tradition :

« Here is, briefly sketched out, the paradise promised to the virtuous: there will flow streams in the still limpid water, streams of milk to the unalterable taste »

Coran ⎢47.15

« There is certainly a teaching for you in cattle: We will water you with what is in their belly, a product from the mixture of intestinal excrements and blood - A pure, delicious drink and for drinkers. »

Quran ⎢16.66

It is reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said :

« The one to whom Allah grants a sustenance, let him say: O Allah! Bless this food for us and bestow us in better. »

And the One whom Allah will drink with milk, let him say :

« O Allah! Bless this milk for us, and allow us to enjoy it again, for I know nothing else that is at once a drink and a food »

Sahih Ibn Majah


The Muslim will not forget to invoke Allah before each take of food or drink in order to obtain the blessing of Allah


Milk is warm (moderate) and moist at the time of milking, then, the more time passes and the more it becomes cold and damp.According to Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him) the best milk has several characteristics :




  • The milk is in a cold and humid mood.

And yes, besides farmers and nomadic peoples who may still be able to consume milk directly at the udder of the animal, ordinary consumers that we are usually use milk for several days (see weeks, months, years ... ), The milk we consume is therefore in a cold and humid mood.Referring to the theory of moods (the basic theory of ancient medicines taken up for the classification of plants and foods in the books of prophetic medicine), the basic rule to keep our bodies healthy is the balance of these moods by What opposes them or contrary them, among other things, the warm humor will soothe the cold and dry moisture and vice versa. Each mood and quality is associated with a notion of temperaments, we must know that we all have within us a part of these 4 temperaments, however, one or two generally predominate in people and they can also evolve over time. In the case of milk, it is a food that will suit rather hot and dry moods (contrary humors) ie people with rather bilious temperament (warm and dry) see blood (warm and humid) Temperament of youth and childhood. While it is necessary to be more careful in persons whose temperaments are already cold, called nervous (or melancholic, cold and dry) temperament and lymphatic temperament (cold and humid), temperament of adult and old age.Several techniques and theories have been studied over time to determine our temperament, a competent naturopath should be able to help you determine it and offer you a "diet" adapted to it.

It would also be beneficial to consume milk in combination with food opposing its mood in order to balance it such as honey and sugar (unrefined integral), both of which are hot and dry as is also recommended in The books of prophetic medicine and as nourished our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) :



  • The consumption of milk will have to be made according to the season.

The consumption of milk will have to be made according to the season.First, it should be noted that in an industrial farm the calf is removed from its mother within 24 hours after birth in order to harvest as much milk as possible, this period of 40 days after the birth Is therefore not respected.Then, also note that the milk should be excreted by the cow in spring and summer, for 6 months, to feed its calf. Lactation naturally ends at the end of this period, before the new gestation and birth. The cow should then rest for a few months but these observations on the natural cycle of the animal no longer correspond to reality. Currently, milk is produced all year round, milking is done continuously to satisfy us. And as far as our nutrition is concerned, we should traditionally consume milk only during these natural periods of production. The cheeses will only prolong this period by a few weeks. Our current means of preservation allow us to consume milk, dairy and cheese several months and years after their production! A period of natural detoxification to dairy products from October to February should be respected, but this has not been the case for a long time: this is probably one of the causes or the source of the diseases so often associated with excess Consumption of milk and derivatives. It should also be noted that this consumption rule according to the seasons will be valid for all foods. (A next article will deal with this topic إن شاء الله )

In the time of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), locally grown foods that were not imported and without treatments were generally eaten, so the natural cycle of crops in their seasons was automatically respected.

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We will see later that all these characteristics can in France and Europe be deceptive.




Milk is good, it generates good blood, hydrates the dry body and nourishes well. It is useful against insufflations, worries and diseases of melancholy. If one drinks it with honey, it cleans the internal lesions of the putrefied humors; And drinking it with sugar is very good for the complexion. Milk remedies the harmfulness of the carnal relationship, it is suitable for the chest and the lungs, it is also very useful for tuberculosis patients.


It is bad for the head, stomach, liver and spleen. Too much to consume night to the teeth and to the gum, that is why it is necessary, to rinse the mouth after having drunk. It is reported that when the Prophet (peace be upon him) drank milk, then asked for water and rinsed his mouth, and he said: "It is fat."Milk is bad for those who suffer from fever and headache, it is bad for the brain and head weak. Drinking it constantly weakens the sight and the hearing, causes pain in the joints, occlusions of the liver, and swelling of the stomach and intestines; And this is remedied by taking honey, candied ginger, and the like. All this concerns those who are not used to drinking it.

We have cited the characteristics of the best milk, which is called "remedy," as we have seen in prophetic medicine. Unfortunately all these features are no longer applicable to our current milk. The treatment of animals, until the milk are different and have a more than harmful impact.We will now see why the milk that we consume nowadays is said to be toxic is considered "poison" and its alternatives.


  • Pesticides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers used in forage crops are found in forage and then in cow's milk: cow's milk contains 5 ½ times more pesticides than vegetables (beef 14 times more).

  • The treatments given to the cows are found in their milk: antibiotics, vaccines, hormones.

  • Stale food made from animal meal (remember the mad cow epidemic).

  • The hormones contained in cow's milk (estrogen, progesterone) are incompatible with the human biological system.

  • Cow's milk contains a lot of IGF-1, a growth factor that will boost the multiplication of your cells. You will grow, except that ... IGF-1 also develops all theThe cells of your body, even the pre-cancerous and the cancerous.

  • The proteins of cow's milk are composed to more than 80% of casein. It is one of the few proteins in the world that promotes the appearance of cancers (prostate, breast, uterus, etc.) in humans, and explains the epidemic of type 1 diabetes.

  • Cow's milk Contains bovine insulin very similar to that of humans. But sufficiently identical so that our immune system does not recognize it and the attack with antibodies leading to the stop of production of insulin. You become a type 1 diabetic.

  • Dairy products are dramatically dropping the concentrations of vitamin D, the very one that contributes to calcium fixation! The use of sunshine alone was not sufficient.


About 60,000 women aged 39-74, questioned on eating and living habits as part of a breast cancer screening campaign . The other cohort involved a group of 45,000 men aged 45 to 79 years. The quantities of milk drank daily were quantified: between less than one glass, one to two glasses, two to three glasses and more than three glasses. The quantities of fermented milk (such as yoghurt) and cheese consumed were also taken into account. Researchers investigated whether statistical correlation could be established between the amount of milk and dairy products consumed and the occurrence of fractures , Especially of the hip, as well as the occurrence of death. The result, seemingly contradictory to the beneficial image of milk, is that women absorbing more than three glasses of milk per day appear more prone to fractures and dying. Women who consume three or more glasses of milk per day Have a relative risk of death "of 90% higher" and a risk of hip fracture "of 60% higher" compared to those who drink less than a glass a day, explains to the AFP, the Pr Karl Michaelsson was the lead signatory to the study. For men, the statistical link between the large amount of milk consumed and the risk of death is also observed, but "less pronounced", while no link is observed for fractures.



I have never been a large consumer of milk, apart from cheese. I did not accept to drink milk when I was younger, much to the disapproval of my parents, especially when we are convinced that "dairy products are our friends for life." A discourse to which we believed believing that milk was one or in any case the source of calcium deemed good for bones, growth and synonymous with good health.But when it comes to calcium, to be and A glass of milk contains about 114MG of calcium, while kale (195MG *), spinach (156 MG), broccoli (114MG), white beans 90MG), watercress (237MG), almonds (375MG), dried figs (240MG), green beans (60MG) contain much more and are a healthy source. Similarly for the alternative vegetable milk which we will discuss in more detail in a future article إن شاء الله .


Books on prophetic medicine are full of richness in health, informing us about the ideal hygiene rules in the image of our best example, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). Foods constitute the majority of the remedies to be used, however, over time with new methods of conservation, processing, use of various chemicals in crops (pesticides, herbicides ...) and environmental pollution, food ends By being denatured, they have lost their nutritional values ​​and sometimes they no longer have any similarity with the original product as we have seen with the case of industrial cow's milk. In order to be able to bring the health benefits that are outlined in the books of prophetic medicine, we must first choose foods, plants that are the most pure, the least transformed possible. We can quote here an explanation given by Ibn al-Qayyim in the chapter on truffle in the book "The Authentic Prophetic Medicine" concerning the harmfulness of food: Know that Allah Azawajal has created perfectly everything, Is therefore at the beginning of its creation empty of all evils and defects, and perfectly beneficial for what it was prepared and created. It is only afterwards that the evils reach it by the neighborhood, the mixture, or other causes which provoke its corruption. If it were left on its first state of creation, without any corruption, it would not corrupt itself. Who knows the states of the universe and its beginnings, knows that all corruption of its atmosphere, its plants, its animals, and the condition of its inhabitants appeared after its creation, due to causes that provoked it . The acts of the son of Adam and their opposition to the messengers have not ceased to bring about general and specific corruptions which provoke pains, diseases, pestilences, droughts, aridities, loss or diminution of the blessings of the earth, its fruits And of its plants, in a successive manner. If science does not allow you to grasp this then please the word of Allah azawajal:

"The disorder has appeared on earth and in the sea because of what people have committed with their own hands. "

Surah Ar-Rûm, v.41

Apply this verse to the state of the universe, compare reality and this verse, and you will see how the evils and defects occur at any time in fruits, plants and animals, and how it generates successively others Illnesses.Similar analysis (here milk) could unfortunately be made for a bunch of other foods, for example wheat that has been so modified over the years that it has nothing to do with the seed of Origin and which is at the origin of many allergy and intolerances today ...

The Muslim believer is a conscious and responsible being who can not accept to continue living in ignorance or worse: in carelessness. Today we can not afford to say that in recent years many studies have been carried out and relayed by the various media on the potential dangers of all these chemicals. Let us note here that the saddest part of all this is that the Muslim consumer has for the moment little or no access to meat of qualities even though he is a great consumer. If we are thinking, should not a product be grown or cultured in order to bear the name "Halal"? Organic farming seems to be well suited to respecting a large part of the qualities that are essential to preserve the benefits of our food, only so that traders can offer quality products, first of all there is a demand, Muslim consumers are the only ones able to evolve this market.

The solution exists, it is simple :

Prefer to « buy less in quantity for better quality" rather than "buy cheaper at the expense of our health »

This behavior of buying without excess and in respect of the nature and the animals is in total agreement and corresponds to the precepts of our religion. Let us not forget that our health is an "amanah", a precious gift, without which it is difficult for us to fulfill our religious duties effectively, it is therefore indispensable for the maintenance of our faith.

Thank you for having read this article, hope you liked it and that it will be beneficial.

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- Jazak Allah Kheir -

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