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By Anaqah Mag⎥Photo : Anaqah Mag

Today's article will be about gratitude which is being grateful for what one already has. I am convinced that when one is not grateful for what one already has, it is impossible to receive anything else. This is an important point in Islam, and Allah asks us to be so, telling us that the way to receive more benefit is to appreciate those that we already have :

« If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor] »

Quran⎥Ibrahim : 7

For several years now, I have developed the habit of writing a notebook every evening in five things for which I am grateful that happened during my day (available in My Evening Routine for Success). This can be both the smallest things like having seen a flower, animals, had an offer, all those little things in life or even the greatest like being grateful for your health, your family, waking up in the morning, breathe etc. So it is very important to have this habit every night.



It will allow you to unconsciously seek out things for which you are grateful in your life. So your mind will be focused on what is positive and what you need to be thankful for like that sunset or being able to see your girlfriend. The more you look for reasons to be thankful and the more you will find.

This is the law of attraction in full action. By doing this you attract all the things you want in your life.We live in a time and generation where we spend our time comparing our lives with those of others via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (see How to Stop Comparing to Others).

Many people spend their time watching what others do by saying to themselves "my life is not as interesting / beautiful" "I do not do as much as it is" to end up feeling bad and be less and less grateful for what she already has which is a big mistake. When you are less thankful, envious of others, you will receive less and less benefit and you will distance yourself from the reward. You simply close that window or door and the beautiful things and opportunities will not be able to enter.It is therefore important to take this habit of noting these 5 Things for which you are grateful and you will see that the feeling of gratitude will have a power over your life far greater than you can imagine.

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